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Adsolute bietet Datenservice und Technische Systeme
zur Medienbeobachtung

The AdSolute Team

AdSolute GmbH

Large scale AdTracking has startet with this patent

German company AdSolute is providing automatic media monitoring systems based on Artificial Intelligence. The core of those automatic recognition systems has been developed by Dr. Ulrich Hienzsch who is serving the Industry since more than 20 years (key clients Xtreme Information, London, Competitrack, New York and Savvy Media Monitoring, Sydney).

Milestones since 1991

Developer and company owner Dr. Ulrich Hienzsch

Milestones of the Hienzsch Systems development:

1991 Patent registration

1993 Tests with Media Company HMS Carat

1997 German TV Ad Tracking for 'Icon Media'

1998 'The TV Register' (London) gets Hienzsch System licences for Europe

2001 Competitrack Inc. (New York) gets Hienzsch System licences for USA. Since then Competitrack has performed an unprecedented growth of its media universe - and economically as well

2004 'The TV Register' becomes 'Xtreme Information Ltd.' and expands worldwide

2013 Australian company Savvy Media Monitoring works with the AdSolute Hienzsch System

2018 AdSolute IP TV recognition systems monitor 850 TV channels worldwide 24/7 in real time

Ulrich Hienzsch


Founder and owner of AdSolute GmbH

Antje Schötz

Office Management

Martina Vogel



Patrick Weber

TV-Operating and Mastercoding

Gesine Erbe

TV-Operating and Mastercoding