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Adsolute bietet Datenservice und Technische Systeme
zur Medienbeobachtung


Tracking Ads on 850 TV Channels

Our automatic TV/Video Monitoring Systems are watching 850 TV channels worldwide 24/7 at various clients sites around the globe (USA, Canada, Australia, Germany). They output accurate advertising occurence data and provide the newly detected creative ads.


AdSolute IPTV Recognition at work. The system works 99 percent automatic, one staff operator handles up to 50 TV channels x 24 h within one 8 hours session.


1 Million Print / Banner Ads in the Brain

The AdSolute print / banner ad recognition system has 1 million ads in its artificial intelligence brain. It detects all ads in digitized media. Due to its extremely productive interface the handling of new Ads is simplified to a minimum workload. 


Our special Artificial Intelligence development for print and banner ads detects versions of ads with very high accuracy fully automatic.


Automatic Music Recognition

Our patented music recognition systems monitor radio and TV channels for all kinds of sounds and music and can help to protect your intellectual property rights. The system works highly automatic, new music titles can be loaded from any source.


AdSolute has adapted Artificial Intelligence to all kind of Media Monitoring challenges. Since 20 years we are serving clients needs in accuracy and productivity.

No Milk today - in the early version of the ad (left). AdSolute technology detects tiny differences in spot versions
A discount rate of 20 or 30 percent makes a real difference - for the high end AdSolute recognition intelligence as well
No text insert in the early version of the ad (left). The AdSolute video recognition intelligence detects the differences

AdSolute at work